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Orthodontics and Orthopedics


Stouffville dental office Main and Sandiford Dental offers comprehensive Orthodontic and Orthopedic services to kickstart your journey towards improved teeth and gum health.

If you have any irregularities in your teeth, such as misaligned or crooked teeth, orthodontic treatment, orthopedic treatment, or a mix of both, may be the solution you need for a smile that you can be proud of.


What is orthodontic treatment?


Orthodontics is a dental speciality that specifically focuses on addressing, preventing, and correcting mal-positioning in teeth and misaligned bite patterns. Crooked and misaligned teeth can result from a variety of reasons, such as genetics, physical injuries, or from bad childhood habits such as thumb sucking. Crooked teeth or teeth that do not fit together can be harder to clean, which puts them at risk of being lost early from decay and disease. Your Stouffville dentist can help set you on the right treatment plan to prevent further harm to your teeth. 


There are several orthodontic treatment methods that your dentist may have at their disposal. Braces and retainers are perhaps the most common orthodontic methods, but in recent years clear aligners such as invisalign have grown in popularity, due to their convenience and effectiveness. While most of the time, these treatments are very effective in straightening teeth, in more extreme cases, jaw surgery or orthodontic headgear may be required. 


What is orthopedic treatment?


While orthodontics focuses on teeth alignment, orthopedic treatment focuses on improving skeletal and bone structure of your face and jaw to encourage healthy growth and habits. Because orthopedic treatment focuses on healthy growth of the face and jaw, it is most effective when started at a young age. A common orthopedic treatment method is with the use of expanders, which help prevent overbites and underbites if started at a young age.


Which treatment is best for me?


Both orthodontic and orthopedic treatments are most effective when they are started early. Often one, or a mixture of both are required.


Stouffville children dentist Dr. Kenneth Wong and his team can help give you and your family a thorough inspection and consultation regarding your teeth in order to provide you with the most effective orthodontic and orthopedic treatments that suit your needs.