Non-Surgical Gum Therapy - Direct Billing Dentist Stouffville

Not all gum diseases and infections are alike. Finding out that you have a periodontal (gum) health disease does not mean that you will require treatment that is intrusive and complex. Thanks to advancements in science and technology, very often, early stages of gum diseases can be effectively treated with non surgical therapy. At Main and Sandiford dental, your Stouffville Dental Office, we can offer you an ideal solution for your dental needs that are as convenient as possible.


Good teeth and gum hygiene can help prevent a lot of gum diseases by limiting plaque buildup. In some cases, however, certain periodontal infections can be present for many years without symptoms. These kinds of periodontal infections stem from bacteria that work their way beneath the gum line, and may not be able to be treated from regular teeth cleanings that only clean bacteria and plaque above the gum line.


In these cases, there are several simple methods that can be used to treat them.


Scaling and Rooting


Scaling and rooting are two treatments used in conjunction that work to remove the plaque and bacteria at or below the gum line. For greater patient comfort, our Stouffville dentist may apply a numbing agent to the affected area. Once finished, most patients do not require further procedures.


Localized medication


If there is persistent bacteria, your hygienists may opt for localized or topical medication. The medication applied in this process works to kill the bacteria, and may be applied in ointment form or by needle.




Curettage involves the removal of inflamed gum tissue so that new, healthy gum tissue can grow in its place. 


At Main and Sandiford dental, our direct billing dentist in Stouffville can answer any questions you may have about gum therapy. Our office aims to use the least intrusive, most effective methods so that our patients can leave with a smile they are proud of.