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Tooth extractions are one of the most common forms of dental procedures. Most adults or teenagers are familiar with the practice, as they may have gotten their wisdom teeth removed. At Main and Sandiford Dental we service the many reasons that you may need a tooth extraction. Whether it’s for Stouffville dental emergencies, or to prepare for a future procedure, there are several reasons why you might need a tooth extraction in Stouffville.

What are tooth extractions?


Simply put, a tooth extraction is the removal of a tooth from its socket in the bone. For several reasons, your Stouffville dentist at Main and Sandiford Dental will recommend a tooth extraction. In a lot of cases, broken, damaged, or decaying teeth can be repaired with a filling. In certain cases, however, such as excessive tooth decay, severe infections and tooth crowding, a tooth extraction will be required. A tooth extraction may also be required to give new teeth room to grow or for preparation for future orthodontic procedures.


There are several kinds of tooth extractions. They normally are classified in two categories: simple extractions, or surgical extractions, depending on the location of the tooth. 

Simple extractions are possible when the tooth is visible in your mouth. This requires numbing of the area surrounding the tooth, and can be performed by your dentist. When the tooth is hidden beneath the gum, a surgical extraction is required. These procedures are more complex and involved, and may require anesthesia that will put you to sleep.

Recovering from a tooth extraction

Tooth extractions are incredibly common, and despite being safe, they do require certain considerations to take into account after the procedure is finished. It usually takes a few days to recover from an extraction, and your dentist may recommend or prescribe painkillers to relieve some of the soreness in the area. You may also experience some swelling in the affected area. Applying an ice pack in 10 minute intervals will help.

No matter the reason, Our dentists at Main and Sandiford Dental can help answer your questions and prepare you for your visit.

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