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If you are struggling with pain as a result of a chipped or damaged tooth, getting a dental crown at Stouffville Dental Office, Main and Sandiford Dental can help you regain the comfort and confidence when it comes to the health of your teeth and gums.


What are dental crowns?


Dental Crowns are tooth shaped caps that are placed on top of damaged teeth. These crowns protect, cover, and help restore the shape of the teeth underneath, preventing continued decay and damage to the tooth. Dental crowns are typically made out of metals, resin, porcelain, and ceramics, and are made to look like and match adjacent teeth, both visually and with maintenance.


Do I need a dental Crown?


There are several reasons you may want a dental crown. If you are experiencing pain when biting down on your teeth, a dental crown can help, as it will make sure that no more damage is being caused to the teeth and surrounding gums.


If you have a decaying or severely damaged tooth, a dental crown will not only cover up the tooth, but it will also promote good health and maintenance underneath it. If you have a chipped tooth, and want to protect it from further damage, a dental crown can also help ensure stability. 


You may also want a dental crown for purely cosmetic reasons, to remedy a discoloured tooth, or to make the teeth alignment of an area more consistent.


Taking care of your Dental Crown


Following a dental crown procedure, it is important to take care of the crown. Thankfully, dental crowns are low maintenance, and do not require any additional special care. It is important to maintain good oral hygiene, which includes the same daily brushing and flossing that you would do to your other teeth. 

The dental crown procedure is incredibly common, and are among the many services that  your Stouffville Chinese Dentist and Stouffville Children Dentist Dr. Kenneth Wong and his associates can provide for their patients. If you have questions regarding dental crowns and if you need them, feel free to contact us.