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Your teeth all work together in a variety of ways. Having one or more missing teeth can cause great stress to you or your other teeth. You may notice a strain when biting, or have difficulty speaking or chewing. On top of that, having missing teeth can cause your other teeth to move into its spot, causing additional pain from the extra stress in your jaw and teeth. You may also just be self-conscious about the way that it looks.


In all of these cases, a dental bridge can solve your issues and prevent long term damage to your teeth and gums.


What is a Dental Bridge?


A dental bridge literally ‘bridges’ the gap between two teeth, and fills it with a strong, healthy, natural looking artificial tooth. This artificial tooth is called a pontic, normally made out of gold or porcelain, that is specifically made to blend in with the other teeth in your mouth. The pontic is held together by two abutment teeth. These abutments can be your real teeth or, if required, can also be a crown made to place over your adjacent teeth.


What are the benefits of a Dental Bridge?


Dental bridges are extremely sturdy, as they utilize the strength of surrounding teeth. The restorative work of dental bridges are also made to look extremely natural and indistinguishable from your other teeth. Dental Bridges effectively solve any issues with regards to discomfort in the area, trouble speaking, and trouble chewing.


How do you take care of your Dental Bridge?


Dental Bridges are semi-permanent; they can only be removed by your dentist. They stay and behave in your mouth like regular teeth, and will not fall out from daily use. The success of the dental bridge is dependent on the solid foundation from surrounding teeth. 

As always, Stouffville Dentist Dr. Kenneth Wong recommends brushing at least twice a day, and flossing daily. Proper teeth brushing and maintenance will help ensure that your dental bridges remain strong long after they are placed.