Amalgam-Free Dentistry Stouffville

If you don’t want to have your teeth filled with fillings made of mercury, your Stouffville Dental Office has you covered. Main and Sandiford Dental provides comprehensive mercury-free and amalgam-free fillings that will help return your smile to its happy and healthy self, and provides a foundation for prolonged oral health. 


What is amalgam?


For many years, a compound called amalgam has been used as a tooth filling when treating cavities in patients. You may have noticed a silver or gold middle in an otherwise white tooth on a family or friend. This is because amalgam is composed of varying amounts of silver, tin, copper, zinc and over 50% mercury, which is a highly toxic metal. Evidence has arisen that talks of potential health issues that can come from amalgam, due to the mercury that is found in the compound.


What is the alternative?


Stouffville Dental Office provides you with fillings that do not contain amalgam, therefore we do not expose our patients to the potential health problems associated with the older metal fillings. Our fillings are made with white composite and offer a more natural look, so you can confidently smile wherever you go. There is evidence that shows that amalgam free fillings are less likely to cause damage to healthy teeth tissue. Other forms of fillings have been known to eventually lead to tooth damage or chipping. Opting for our amalgam free fillings will help minimize the damage that can take place.


How long does it take?


Dental fillings are one of the most common procedures, but highly important. Your Stouffville dentist will provide you with the safest, most effective option. Amalgam-free fillings are perhaps more convenient than older metal fillings, as they take the same amount of time to apply, look better, and have been known to have higher durability.

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